PNJ Technology Partners was founded in 1984 by Paul Joralemon – giving us over 30 years experience of providing IT support in Albany – and we’re a proud second generation company. We’ve grown and thrived for over three decades – because we’re not afraid to adapt; moving beyond traditional break/fix services to a more proactive approach.

Companies like yours are investing in IT, however, poorly executed or under-planned tasks waste money. In contrast, those that plan and execute accurately get returns from their investments year after year. How can you do the same? It all starts with recognizing how IT increases the value within your company. Here are 3 valuable processes […]

Here’s 3 Reasons Those Newcomers Put Your Data at Risk! When we bring new staff members on-board, we often think about the talents they have, the skill-sets they bring, and the bright new perspectives they offer; but what we don’t think about is the data security risks that come alongside those great benefits associated with […]

E-commerce and Internet marketing are constantly evolving. Therefore, businesses that fail to keep pace with the changing trends are likely to experience negative sales growth.  If you are among this unfortunate crop of businesses, thankfully, there is a large amount of marketing research available to help you stay informed about current industry trends and consumer attitudes. […]

Let PNJ Technology Partners Help You Stay Safe Against Internal and External Attacks! The number of cyber attacks aimed at businesses of any size grows exponentially every year. In fact, hundreds of thousands of small businesses lose vital information each and every day – and more often than not, those small businesses end up riddled in debt […]