Albany Businesses Are Embracing Cloud Desktops

The amount of data the average business stores and manages is staggering, and data storage depends on technology for smooth operations. Your technology powers your business, and the past several months have reinforced your need for a truly flexible technology ecosystem.

Recent events have brought the need for flexible technology to the forefront of many industries, from education to healthcare, requiring countless dramatic shifts from traditional operational models to remote teams working from home to keep moving operations forward.

While remote work environments offer a unique set of challenges, more businesses are leveraging technology to embrace the benefits of remote productivity, including increased flexibility and efficiency. Cloud desktops are fast becoming a new workplace staple and for great reasons.

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Cloud Desktops Are Preferred By Albany Professionals

With a stable Internet connection and a reliable device, professionals can stay in touch with colleagues and customers using cloud desktops. Especially in the last several months, professionals have increased dependency on technology to communicate and collaborate while working remotely. Cloud desktops give modern professionals the flexible and reliable technology solution to remain productive.

Cloud desktops offer mobile productivity without the hassles of expensive hardware or the risk of downtime from hardware issues. As proven options for businesses, cloud desktops let businesses take advantage of state-of-the-art cloud technology to support remote teams so users can access the same productivity apps from any workstation or device to share information quickly and easily.

Why New York Professionals Love Cloud Desktops

Why are cloud desktops a favorite of New York businesses? The benefits add up:

Extreme Flexibility

With cloud desktops, professionals enjoy the best balance of consistency and flexibility. Using cloud technology, cloud-based desktops deliver the same productivity apps no matter what device professionals use to access cloud desktops, with unchanged set-up with each connection. Cloud desktops are technology solutions that are easy to access, quick to update, and flexible to set up.


Using cloud desktops, businesses can take advantage of thin client technology and save money. Instead of investing in souped-up costly hardware, thin client technology is essentially a low-maintenance device that is used to connect to a remote device that does the hard work. Rather than invest in lots of expensive equipment purchases, it’s common to use lightweight devices – like Chromebooks – to connect to cloud desktops.

Scalable Cloud Technology

Quickly roll out new cloud desktops for new users without the need to purchase hardware or software. Business needs change, and cloud technology is scalable. Increase data storage quickly and easily as your business experiences growth.

Cyber Security

Beyond the password to access a device’s operating system or files, using a device to access cloud desktops will also prompt users for a login to access only after navigating to the proper remote connection. Using multiple layers of protection, cybersecurity is a focus for cloud desktop users, and you can remotely erase a cloud desktop should security become compromised to prevent unauthorized access.

From security to flexibility to cost savings, cloud desktops deliver an efficient way for teams to stay productive even in remote environments. Try cloud desktops today and discover why so many Albany businesses have learned that cloud desktops are here to stay.