Managed Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Will Cut Costs and Reduce Downtime

Your data is valuable – there’s no doubt about that. If you’re not protecting your data against loss or theft, you’re leaving your company vulnerable to cybercrime, human error, or natural disaster that could drastically impact your ability to serve customers, get work done, and handle new business opportunities. Don’t leave your data at risk. You need a Managed Data Backup solution to secure and protect your data!

PNJ Technology Partners provides managed data backup and disaster recovery, in order to keep your business safe against costly data loss or theft. Call us at (518) 459-6712 or send us an email: for more information. 

What would happen if an employee accidentally deleted half of all your files? What if the power went out and all of the sudden, tons of vital information was gone? Would you be able to continue operating? It’s not worth the risk – you need managed data backup and disaster recovery to prevent major financial loss in the event of disaster.

We provide managed data backup and disaster recovery wherein we’ll ensure you’re ready to recover, no matter what comes your way:

  • Storing your data onsite and in the cloud to ensure you’re prepared to recover quickly from any type of disaster.
  • Using the right security measures to protect backups such as encryption to prevent theft or unauthorized access.
  • Testing and monitoring all backups on a regular basis to ensure they’re ready to recover without hassle or failure whenever necessary.

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