PNJ Technology Partners Provides Full-Time Helpdesk Support

When technology issues arise, you simply want someone to fix the problem, as fast as possible, so you and your entire staff can get back to work – staying productive throughout the day. Our helpdesk support are exactly what you need – a trusted team of technology experts who are there for you whenever you need us to be.

PNJ Technology Partners provides helpdesk support you and your staff members can depend on. Call us at (518) 459-6712 or send us an email: for more information on how we can help you stay productive at all times. 

Our advanced ticketing system allows our helpdesk support team to provide quick and reliable assistance whenever you need us. We provide helpdesk support wherein we’ll:

  • Troubleshoot any computer or network related issues
  • Provide training regarding various topics for end users
  • Analyze new hardware, software, or other equipment for issues
  • Clean virus and/or malware infections off the network
  • Configure new hardware, software, or other equipment as needed
  • Develop all needed documentation, user manuals, etc.
  • And much more

With our help desk logs, we can make an organized timeline of all the problems you’ve run into, then we take this information and use it to identify and fix underlying issues so that you won’t have to deal with near as much productivity and revenue-killing downtime in the future.

Give us a call at (518) 459-6712 or send a message over to for more information about our IT services.