Most IT companies offer similar services at a similar price.

What makes PNJ Technology Partners stand out?

The most obvious advantage we have over the competition IT companies is experience: the average IT company is 5 or less years old, while we’ve been around for over 30 years.

We’ve seen it all before. Whatever technical problem you run into we’ve likely run into already a dozen or more times before, so we’ll have your issue resolved faster than a less experienced IT company. Faster resolution times means less downtime, and less downtime allows your workers to get more done, finish projects faster, and, ultimately, produce more revenue.

Our decades of experience also allows us to look beyond day-to-day IT responsibilities and help you plan for the future. We were here before the cloud, and, in fact, before the internet was popular. PNJ Technology Partners keeps track of the latest developments in business technology, and through experience we know the difference between a passing fad that offers little value and a game-changer that you could use to really cut costs and boost productivity.

So, where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? What are your long-term goals? We’ll sit down with your leadership and discuss how we can use technology to help you meet those long-term goals.

Our staff understands the importance of providing exceptional IT support, as well as making sure we communicate in plain, simple to understand terms with minimal confusing jargon. We keep you up-to-date at all times – always ensuring you know what’s happening with your information technology.

And we’re not going to lock you into a contract that’s difficult to get out of. We don’t think we have to: once you experience how skilled, responsive, and approachable our staff is, we doubt you’ll want to use any other IT company.

PNJ Technology Partners has changed a lot over the years, starting out as just a reseller and growing to the point where we now provide a full slate of technical and consulting services, but our vision remains the same as it was when my father founded this company back in 1984: we’re always looking for new ways to better meet our clients’ needs.

Scott Joralemon
PNJ Technology Partners
Scott Joralemon

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