As technology continues to become a bigger part of our daily lives and business processes, there are an increasing amount of options on the market.

PNJ Technology Partners always takes stock of what’s out there – we interact with the IT world, speak with our clients, and have our experienced team test out the best solutions available. When it comes to securely storing and sharing files, we know that Dropbox is you best option.

Dropbox provides businesses in Albany with easy, cost-effective and secure file storage. We know you need assurance that in the face of disasters, hardware issues, or human error, you’ll always maintain access to your important data.  Is Dropbox for Business the right choice?

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  • Unlike other file storage options, Dropbox is fast, easy to navigate, and constantly evolving to improve its features.
  • You’re able to seamlessly store and share large files, making it easy to collaborate on projects and work with employees regardless of your location.
  • There are a number of ways to log into Dropbox, including a desktop app, online access, or an app for your mobile device. That means you can view, edit and share any documents you need with whatever device is most convenient.
  • You gain peace of mind knowing that with files stored in Dropbox, hardware issues or other disasters will never compromise your data. Even if there’s an issue with your in-office technology, you’re able to keep on working and accessing whatever files you need.

Other Dropbox features are created specifically with businesses in mind; for example, we know you’re dealing with a high volume of files and documents every day, and it’s easy to accidentally trash a crucial document. With Dropbox, you’re able to go back and retrieve files you may have deleted. Plus, if you’re sharing folders with co-workers or clients, as soon as you add or remove a file, their Dropbox folder will be updated.

PNJ Technology Partners knows that you need the best solutions to help your business thrive and ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment; Dropbox is a smart, secure and effective way to give your business mobility and protection. Contact PNJ Technology Partners at or (518) 459-6712.