Your IT services company should provide your business personalized attention and not pigeonhole your IT services into a business model based on convenience for the provider.

Creating a technology plan is one of the best ways to prepare your business for 2021. By having a business plan, you are making your company more secure and increasing your chances for success.

Pros and Cons Of Outsourcing Your IT Support To A Managed Services Provider Paper or plastic? Cash or charge? MSP or in-house IT? There are many choices that you need to make on a daily basis, some personal and some related to keeping your business running. However, the last question can have a serious impact […]

How Can Business Executives Lead A Remote Workforce Through The Pandemic & Beyond? The pandemic accelerated an ongoing remote workforce trend by forcing companies to pivot and conduct business with people from home offices and dining room tables. A reported 41.8 percent of the workforce was considered remote at the height of the outbreak, and […]

The results are in and Microsoft Teams continues to be the leading virtual operations solution for businesses and organizations in every industry.

5 Things Companies Need to Know About Adobe End of Life Big Tech corporations have driven the final nail into the coffin of Adobe Flash Player. Its “end of life (EoL),” or “death,” if you will, was long expected. As the popular software timed out at the end of 2020, businesses that still house the […]

Microsoft 365 exceeds most expectations for consumer demands while providing accessible and customizable productivity apps.

As more organizations want stronger online privacy while using their public internet connection, there’s no better solution than using a VPN appliance.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate solution and everything you need to know about getting started is right here.

PNJ Technology Partners are your local team of Microsoft Outlook experts. Discover how our IT services team can help you today.

Any business or organization that deals with the private electronic data of NY State residents must be compliant with the NY State SHIELD Act.

Cisco’s latest security product launch has perfect timing as we all continue to battle the onslaught of new cyber threats, thanks to work-from-home orders, quickly expanding network perimeters and a serious spike in online business.

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