Security Admin with Microsoft Office 365 Cybersecurity refers to the framework of rules, applications, and standard practices that safeguard the internet network, connected hardware and software applications, and data from authorized access and manipulations. In an online work environment, whether it is public internet or intranet at the organizational level, the networks are always susceptible […]

How Stream (on SharePoint)’s New Video Recording Features Can Enhance Your Organizational Communications Key Points in This Article Microsoft 365’s new Stream (on SharePoint) application allows users to record and edit videos and easily integrate their content with the rest of the platform. While the classic version of Stream will be retired in the next […]

Improving Communications With Microsoft Teams’ New Scheduled Chat Feature Key Points in This Article Microsoft Teams allows users to schedule the chat messages they compose up to seven days in the future. Scheduled chat messages can be edited or deleted before sending as necessary. This feature, available for 1:1 Teams Chat conversations, can help users […]

How Microsoft Teams’ Co-Organizer Feature Can Help Your Meetings Run Smoothly Key Points in This Article: Microsoft Teams lets Teams Meeting organizers assign the attendees they designate as co-organizers. Co-organizers enjoy most of the privileges of organizers and can help organizers ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. Assigning co-organizers is a straightforward process that can […]

Pig Butchering & Crypto Scams: The Need For an Evolution in Fraud Prevention Key Points As technology advances and the world becomes more connected, scams and fraud are getting more challenging to prevent. Many experts are calling for a new approach to fraud and protecting consumers’ privacy. Pig butchering and other crypto scams are just […]

How Keeping Track of Microsoft’s Product Plans Can Keep Your Network Secure Key Points in This Article: CIOs and IT administrators must ensure that their networks remain free and clear of outdated software applications, which can pose a tremendous security risk. Outdated applications can provide a backdoor for ransomware attacks, malware, and viruses. Performing regular […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Your Guide to the 2022 Wave 2 Release Key Points: Microsoft recently announced the next wave of innovations coming to Business Central. Building on last year’s release momentum, this next wave of features and capabilities will help you optimize your business processes, drive better decision-making, and accelerate your digital transformation […]

Seven New and Notable Microsoft Teams Features You Need to Know Critical Points In This Article Microsoft continuously rolls out new features for Teams users. Here are seven of the most recent and notable improvements. Improved search capabilities regarding Chat messages. The addition of a soft focus filter for Teams Meetings. Greater Teams and Outlook […]

Express Yourself With Over 800 New Reactions in Microsoft Teams Key Points Communication is key in any workplace, and Microsoft Teams is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues. Reactions are a way to add emotion and personality to your messages in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams will be adding over 800 new reactions, […]

Microsoft Teams Client Stores User Authentication Tokens in Unsecured Text Format Key Points A new Microsoft Teams exploit could allow attackers to access sensitive user data. Microsoft Teams saves auth tokens as cleartext on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Businesses can protect themselves from this exploit by taking some security precautions. A security vulnerability has […]

How To Make Microsoft Teams Your Default For Meetings Key Points You can make Microsoft Teams your default application for online meetings by following a few simple steps in Outlook. Changing your default settings will ensure that all your meetings are created in Teams. Meet Now is another way to join a meeting without scheduling […]

Introducing the Microsoft Teams Schedule Send Feature Key Points Microsoft Teams will introduce a new feature in the coming weeks that will enable users to schedule messages to be sent later. Schedule Send will allow users to choose a specific time and date for their message, giving them greater control over when it is delivered. […]

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