Does Your Current In-House IT Team Have the Expertise to Leverage IT to Your Company’s Advantage?

Your in-house IT team is supposed to deliver essential business services such as data storage, network maintenance, system security, and exemplary customer service. The integration of modern technology and the delivery of these services will enable your company to remain relevant and competitive in their respective industries.

Small and medium companies rely on an in-house IT department mostly made up of less than five people. In most cases, each team member is an expert in a particular IT field and adds value to the company. However, when one member of the team leaves, the company is left at a disadvantage since the other members of the department may not have the same set of skills to fill the gap.

This lack of wholesome expertise has been attributed to the following reasons:

  • Lack of comprehensive training received by the employee, resulting in difficulty to perform holistically.
  • The hiring process was not correctly performed and was not based on employees’ merit.

This lack of expertise leads to business inefficiency. This inefficiency leads to diminished service delivery, wastage of time, loss of money, and poor customer relations.

Do you feel your in-house IT department lacks the expertise to leverage technology to your company’s advantage?  Are you planning to expand your business, but your internal IT team cannot cater to your growing IT needs?

Most small businesses that lack the financial capability to hire a full-time professional IT department continually find themselves trapped with an IT department that lacks the expertise required to combat the advancing technological world.

What Next?

To try and fill your IT expertise gap, your company may opt to train your employees on the skills that are relevant to your business or hire a full-time IT department. However, training and retaining full-time employees is expensive and time-consuming, and time and money are a luxury that small businesses don’t have. For this reason, most companies are turning to outsourced IT services.

Outsourcing Managed IT Services

By outsourcing IT services, you delegate your IT infrastructure to a third-party firm. With companies struggling to keep up with the advancing technology, the demand for outsourced IT services has dramatically risen. According to, the global managed IT services market is predicted to be valued at more than 300 Billion US dollars in the next few years. Outsourcing enables an organization to get the expertise they require without the hassle of hiring a full IT department.

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer two types of IT support:

  • Fully Outsourced IT Services: Here, you fully delegate your entire IT department to the third-party organization. The IT company offers all the services required by your business.
  • Partially Outsourced IT Services: Here, the outsourced IT team only caters to certain aspects of the business and only delivers specific services that are to be determined by your company.

The type of IT support you will require greatly depends on the IT needs of your company. Companies that would like to combine their in-house IT department and the external team can consult co-managed IT service providers. This collaboration provides a platform that enables your in-house team to feel valued for their knowledge and learn a few skills.  The outsourced IT team can also get to understand the structures, policies, and systems of your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

  • You Get Access To High Levels Of Expertise And Years Of Working Experience: Compared to most companies, managed IT companies are known to hire a multitude of IT professionals and provide them with comprehensive training and certifications for professional development. These professionals offer in-depth knowledge of IT systems. The team of experts will provide your company with years of experience in using a wide range of technologies and ensure that you can get assistance for whatever project you’re pursuing.
  • You Get Access To Modern Technology And Services: Many businesses are struggling to keep up with modern technology. An IT company gives you access to the latest technology without the hassle of purchasing, installing, and maintaining them, allowing you to remain competitive and relevant in your industry. Outsourcing IT services also enables your company to get access to technology-driven services. These services include VoIP telephony services, cloud-based computing, virtual desktops, improved security tools such as data encryption, intruder detection, and data backup, and recovery tools to enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity.
  • You Get Cost-Effective IT Services: Compared to hiring, training, and maintaining a full-time IT department and paying their benefits, salaries, overtime, and insurance, outsourcing managed IT services is much more cost-effective. By outsourcing your IT services, you leave the training, management, and any other aspects that come with hiring actual employees to your IT support provider.
  • Your IT Costs Become Predictable: Typically, most managed IT companies charge businesses a fixed monthly fee. This monthly rate offers greater predictability in terms of IT expenses and also lowers overall IT costs. This predictability minimizes hidden bills and additional charges on your monthly bill, making budgeting for your IT departments much more manageable.
  • You Can Quickly Scale Your Company: A small in-house department is typically unable to meet your IT needs as you expand your business as it is limited in scope and size. If you’re planning to expand your company, you must also prepare to scale your IT support. Investing in an IT company offers your company the flexibility of switching to new products, personnel, and services that will meet your expansion needs. Additionally, if you’re scaling down your business, you can reduce the size of your external team.
  • You Get Improved Customer Helpline Desk Services: Outsourced IT companies offer highly responsive helpline desk services that cater to queries and surging demands from your customers on a 24/7 basis.

No company wants to be left behind when it comes to the integration of modern technology. Therefore, it is essential for companies whose in-house IT department is unable to cater solely to their IT needs to consider outsourcing IT services from MSPs. The right IT support company will leverage modern technology to your company’s advantage and help keep your business on the map.

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