Data Center Hosting Services Are More Affordable, More Flexible than On-Site Alternatives

Servers are expensive.

First, you have the thousands of dollars up front to just buy and install new servers. Then, there’s an even greater expense you’ll have to deal with: all the ongoing electricity and maintenance costs it’ll take to keep that equipment up and running. On-site servers are never easy on your power bill…

But you don’t have to rely on on-site servers. Remotely accessing a hosted data center instead trades in those upfront and ongoing costs for a much more affordable monthly access fee. You can take those savings and use them to address any other area of your business that could use it.

Scale Up and Scale Down With Ease

Another advantage to hosted data centers is that they’re more flexible than their on-site counterparts.

If you rely on your own equipment, you’re going to have to invest in new hardware every time business picks up to accommodate the extra traffic. Then you’ll have to wait for the servers to be delivered, installed, and configured, all while your network struggles to handle an unprecedented amount of success.

And then what happens if business slows down suddenly and you’re stuck with a bunch of equipment you don’t even need? Until things pick back up again, you’re getting nothing in return out of a substantial investment.

Hosted servers are much easier to tailor to your exact budget and needs. You can scale up when times are good and you need more capability, scale down when it’s slow so you don’t pay for capability you don’t need, and going in either direction is as easy as clicking a button.

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