With a flash-optimized architecture, HPE 3PAR provides the only primary storage architecture you’ll need. And with HPE 3PAR Online Import, it’s never been easier to move from your legacy storage platform to 3PAR Storage.

HP Storage

Flash-optimized architecture is what makes the new HPE 3PAR the most effective primary storage solution in the industry and the only storage that you and your company will ever need. What makes HPE 3PAR even more appealing is HPE 3PAR Online Import. This feature allows you to move your data easily from your legacy storage platform to 3PAR Storage.

The challenges that I.T. departments like yours are facing today are more demanding than ever before. The pressures of big data, virtualization, and fluctuating workloads place constraints on already taxed I.T. departments.

In the best of circumstances keeping up with storage demands utilizing traditional storage is difficult, but the truth is that no I.T. department can sustain traditional storage long term. The facts are just too weighted against traditional storage.

  • You only use 30-40% of your storage capacity.
  • You experience unpredictable performance from a traditional system.
  • Your response times slow to more than 5
  • Your traditional solution is rigid and cannot meet tomorrow’s data storage challenges.

Are you and your forward-thinking I.T. team already looking into HPE 3PAR? Great! Need someone to guide you through it? We’re here! Contact the PNJ Technology Partners team at (518) 459-6712 or info@pnjtechpartners.com today.

  • What if you could shrink your footprint by 10 times?
  • What if you could use 90% fewer disks?
  • What if you could get all the value, scale, and performance you will ever need?

The fantastic news for you and your I.T. staff is this: HP has made migrating from legacy EMC, HDS, or HP EV easier than ever before. When you combine the ease of migration with improved capacity and lower price, your company gets a solid return on investment from the switch to HPE 3PAR StoreServ.

This flash-optimized, modern, tier-one system has been built for the speed of today’s economy and is:

  • agile – flexibility you need
  • fast – speed you want
  • efficient – in function and finance
  • secure – tier one
  • enduring – not a fad

The designers of HPE 3PAR StoreServe have made it easy to switch from legacy storage with a three-part online import software that requires no additional hardware and can be accomplished in five easy steps.

Once your I.T. department makes the move to HPE 3PAR StoreServe they will be able to deploy flash at the same cost of spinning media, provision storage instantly, serve unpredictable and mixed workloads, and do it all from a single interface.

PNJ Technology Partners understands the struggles that you are currently having with your inflexible, legacy storage solution, and we’re here to help! HPE 3PAR StoreServe is an excellent example of innovative thinking and the future direction of storage.

Give PNJ Technology Partners a call today at (518) 459-6712 or send an email to info@pnjtechpartners.com to find out more!