For some, Apple’s smartwatch was a beautiful and unique piece of technology.


However, for many, it didn’t live up to the hype. In fact, after the release of their watch, interest in smartwatches as a category was reported to be declining. Supposedly, this is because people realized that smartwatches weren’t the next big thing, but instead, a nice accessory, and only for basic uses.

Samsung’s Gear S2, however, has sparked interest in many. There were a lot of issues (such as lack of interchangeable bands, and requirement of a smartphone) that came as a disappointment when Apple released it’s watch. Thankfully, Samsung seen this as well, and hasn’t made the same mistakes.

Here is a little sample of new features to expect with the Gear S2:


  • Bezel for scrolling, zooming, and skipping tracks (as opposed to the rotating crown on the Apple Watch).
  • Sleek home and back buttons.


  • Track your daily activity levels.
  • Monitor heart rate.
  • Track water vs. caffeine intake.


  • SmartThings lets you control your home’s lights and locks no matter where you may be.
  • Alipay allows you to purchase anything from coffee to concert tickets with ease.
  • With capabilities of sending and receiving picture, text, and voice messages, Voxer is essentially a walkie-talkie, but better.
  • Alessandro Mendini brings his style to the Gear S2 with a range of watch faces and watch bands.

Samsung Pay

Making your purchase can be as easy as a wave of your wrist by an NFC reader.

Of course, though, it can’t be perfectly suited to everyone. Before the Gear S2 came the Gear Live, running on Google’s smartwatch OS called Android Wear, and therefore compatible with almost any Android smartphone. But Samsung will be running its own smartwatch operating system called Tizen on the Gear S2 (all of Samsung’s smartwatches before the Gear Live were running Tizen), and that means that Samsung’s new watch will most likely only work with certain Samsung phones.

However, because Tizen is designed specifically for the Gear S2’s aesthetics, it should be nice in that sense. So, although interest in smartwatches may be declining since people have realized the limitations -which don’t pair with the high price tag very well-, Samsung’s Gear S2 may do surprisingly well considering as beautiful as the Apple watch is, it looks more like a miniature iPhone concept than a timepiece.

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