Managing IT infrastructure likely isn’t your favorite thing to do when you go into work – it’s probably not even your job, right?

Whether you have an internal IT staff or a third-party provider, managing infrastructure is often a drain on resources:

  • Unexpected problems come out of nowhere, requiring immediate damage control, no matter the time of day
  • The knowledge and skill required to accurately interpret the data provided (reading graph, managing log entries) may be unavailable
  • If you’re working with a third-party, getting them on the phone late on a Friday night to fix a server bug is easier said than done

For all these reasons and more, it’s wise to outsource your infrastructure and rely on more modern solutions for its management.

What is HPE InfoSight?

This solution uses Artificial Intelligence to handle infrastructure management operations in a hybrid cloud environment. That means that your infrastructure self-manages, self-heals, and self-optimizes, freeing up both you and your IT support to focus on more pressing matters that can’t be automated.

How does HPE InfoSight work?

  • InfoSight collects data from millions of sensors per second
  • That data is analyzed using machine learning and predictive analytics to spot and eliminate problems before they occur
  • As this process repeats, InfoSight becomes more and more capable of predicting issues, providing effective resolutions, and preventing downtime from affecting users

In a nutshell, InfoSight learns how your infrastructure works, what you use it for, and makes sure that it’s optimized for both. The good news is that this great solution is now available for the HPE Servers you already use.

To learn more about HPE Infosight and what it will do for you and your infrastructure, get in touch with PNJ Technology partners at or(518) 459-6712.