advisory boardTwo Words That Will Positively Change The Outcome Of Your Business.

Business Advisory Board. Well, technically that is three words. However, these three words can dramatically change the outcome of your business, for the better. Ready to find out how these three words will make you wonder why you have been ignoring the most valuable business resource that’s just been patiently waiting for you to begin using. Let us help you with that.

PNJ Technology Partners understands as a business owner, you have a lot on your plate, after all, we are business owners ourselves. Moreover, whether you are looking to develop a strategy to grow your business with the assistance of technology, or even planning to start up a business, having access to high-quality advice can enhance your business’ odds of success.

What is a business advisory board?

Traditionally, an advisory board is made up of a select group of “independent” individuals who convene regularly to assist a business owner with strategic advice and support in making executive decisions. As most business owners typically only have one area of expertise, it is advantageous, if you are a business owner yourself to be surrounded by experts in different elements of running a business, from marketing geniuses to sales associates and technology specialists who have had experience managing and maintaining the IT environments of businesses.

Why is a business advisory board beneficial for your business?

In today’s fast-changing business environment, CEOs and business owners are certainly in need of helpful guidance. Take a moment now to think about if you are considering setting up a business advisory board, what would it be like if, as a business owner, you had a personal expert in every field that you needed to grow your business? It would be phenomenal wouldn’t it?

Being able to get the right advice and guidance, in any area of your business that needed attention and formulate positive growth strategies that substantially benefit the growth in your business. A business advisory board will accomplish that by giving you the opportunity to engage with a group of experienced professionals regarding the challenges you are facing on a regular basis, getting their perspective on the performance outlook for your company and its industry, all at a nominal cost of course.

With countless different occasions in which a business advisory board can be beneficial to a business owner, the answer to this question is more complicated. Not to mention, as your needs change throughout the course of your career, the reasons you need a business advisory board are likely to change too. While there’s no exact answer to why you need a business advisory board, having a second pair of eyes will help you better overcome the following obstacles that you face:


  • Your business is running smoothly, but the future of your business is unknown to you.

Without a long-term strategy, you end up spending more time in your day to day operations than focusing on pushing your business forward. With expert guidance and advice others, who have “been there, done that,” having the right business advisory board can provide you with valuable insight, and the right strategic guidance to help you create a plan that will allow you to see where your business is heading in the future.

  • You know the business direction you want to go in, but don’t know how to get it there.

Although it is easy to recognize what direction you wish to achieve with your business, identifying the necessary steps you need to get there is a process that is always harder to accomplish. Consulting with a business advisory board can be an excellent way to gain a different and fresh perspective to developing the right long-term strategy. This will also allow you to take advantage of the experiences of each board member with the expertise they each bring from the industry they are involved in.

  • Your network is not growing because your business growth is non-existent.

In today’s economy, networking is valuable for any business to grow successfully. Board members can use their connections for finding strategic partners, knowing the right vendors, or connecting business owners with subject matter experts. Increase the visibility of your business to other members in the community by leveraging the connections board members have.

  • You have made costly mistakes in the past and wanted to avoid them.

An inevitable fact with every business owner is that they have all made an expensive mistake they have had to learn, adapt and successfully grow from. With many of these mistakes being common though amongst most entrepreneurs, working with experienced business owners can help you avoid going through the same costly mistakes by learning from their mistakes.

As a business owner, you want to ensure you choose the right group of advisors who can provide you with the right strategic guidance and advice you need to grow your business successfully. You’ll want advisors who are proficient in specialized areas of your business needs and who ultimately know the big picture.

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