New Collaboration Brings More Automation to In-House IT Infrastructure

Industry leaders Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Eaton are collaborating in a fresh way to bring increased value to companies like yours.

We know that acquiring technology is only the first step in achieving a business goal. The technology pieces need to work together. They need to be tested. They need to provide rich functionality, quickly and effectively, so you can concentrate on your core business needs.

Integration and automation are the future of business technology.

Smart devices that work together seamlessly in the backgrounds of our workplaces will allow our companies to run more efficiently and free up IT staff to focus on the applications that ensure our companies remain profitable.

Removing Manual Tasks

A new software offered by HPE and Eaton does just that, removing the manual chore of protecting and controlling server rooms from the ever-growing list of IT workers’ responsibilities.

HPE and Eaton are collaborating with their respective solutions, HPE OneView and Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), to offer improved protection for data center equipment and maximize the speed, agility, and efficiency of corporate IT infrastructure.

Eaton’s IPM software with HPE OneView enables IT staff to manage and mitigate power-related issues and sustain business continuity in HPE environments.

Eaton is a member of the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner program, an industry-leading approach to supply sophisticated integrated technologies in a simple, confident, and efficient manner. Eaton has access to the right tools, processes and resources to help our joint customers accelerate innovation and transformation.

Their latest innovation brings value, serves business needs and increases revenue and market share.

Automating Temperature Checks

Keeping server rooms and individual servers at ideal temperatures can be a challenge, especially for growing and dynamic environments. Incorrect temperatures are a detriment to servers, contributing to unplanned outages and frustrating crashes. When servers run hot, they’re more likely to fail and to consume unneeded energy.

Both technology failures and spikes in energy usage are expensive for companies. Both can be avoided with our new collaboration.

IPM will allow IT staff to automate temperature monitoring and response in their technological environment.  The software is a set it and forget it-type solution that maintains the optimal temperature for your racks. IPM provides constant monitoring and automates cost and energy-saving actions.

When a temperature alarm happens, the software also automates the response based on settings and preferences. Functions include load shedding, failover to disaster recovery sites and power capping. Each can be implemented for a single server, multiple servers or entire racks without impacting performance.

Stabilizing Results and Maximizing Up-Time

The end result is a stabilized infrastructure with less downtime, savings in energy costs and peace of mind that comes from highly reliable automation tools. Stabilization improves corporate resiliency, which business leaders see as a top priority as we plan for 2021.

As we come to the close of 2020, a year of unprecedented challenges, corporate CEOs list upgrading IT and data security to boost corporate resilience one of their top three goals for CIOs.

Securing your servers to ensure peak performance will be a vital part of corporate resiliency and contingency plans. Eaton and HPE’s collaboration brings an aspect of another technological trend, the Internet of Things (IoT), to business, adding to a quiet revolution.

As companies will experiment with IoT devices to improve the productivity, efficiency and security of internal IT operations, taking a look at Eaton’s and HPE’s latest software evolution will be worthwhile for business and technology leaders.

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