Does Your Current Internal IT Department Need Backup?

Internal IT support versus outsourced IT support is one of the significant debates that most of you have. Asking for help can, at times, be challenging. In this modern business setting, it doesn’t hurt asking for help, and collaboration goes a long way in helping your business.

Collaboration also applies to your IT company. Do you need reaffirmation that your company needs external IT support? Your internal tech team may fall short in terms of expertise or in meeting the IT demands of your growing business.

Here are some of the cons of having to rely on an internal IT team for your business:

Cons of Relying on Internal IT Support

  • Your Business Incurs High Costs: High expenses are a significant pain point for your organization. The cost of forming and training your IT support team is high. For instance, the average annual salary of a Systems Administrator is $62,477. You also factor in ongoing training since your team needs to stay up to date. Setting up IT infrastructure for your team’s use is an expensive undertaking considering you always have to keep up with the evolving technology.
  • You Have a Rigid Working Schedule: In-house IT support is usually tied to the regular business working hours with exceptions to a few days that you may have individual plans. They do not offer you a dedicated 24/7 support service. Another problem comes in when some of your members call in sick or take holiday leave, who covers for them? Many issues arise from this, such as delayed response to cyber-attacks.
  • You’ll Have Access to a Limited Set of Skills: The IT world is vast and complex, setting up a team of experts that cover all areas can be quite costly. Knowledge gaps arise if you have inexperienced staff, and they may take a lot of time or fail at handling critical issues. Most times, your IT teams are also involved in the core business, reducing their dedicated focus to IT support.
  • Difficulty Managing Your IT Team: It can be challenging managing your IT staff if you do not know what exactly they should be doing. Poor management hinders the innovation process since you don’t offer a clear path of what you expect from the team. Do you know how to motivate and provide suitable career paths for qualified IT experts? Motivating your employees and assuring growth in their career is challenging if your core business is not IT.

Why Should You Call Outsourced IT Support for Backup?

Backing up your in-house IT team with Outsourced IT Support comes with many benefits that you can leverage and quickly scale your business.

Let’s look at the major benefits you’ll get to enjoy by backing up your Inhouse IT team with external support:

  • Reduce Your Operation Costs: An outsourced IT firm will significantly reduce your labor costs. You no longer have to incur expenses such as wages, health benefits, training charges, etc. Your company gets access to state-of-the-art technology without covering the costs of setting up and maintaining. The price of an IT support company is variable; it varies with the service that your company needs, and you can tailor it to fit your budget. Consequently, focusing these extra resources to your core business impacts positively on your overall output.
  • Skilled Experts Will Be Available to You: IT support companies have the best collection of trained, qualified, and certified experts ranging across all IT fields. They assign you experts that suit your company’s specific needs. You only incur the cost of the service and not that of hiring experts. The experts’ vast experience is equatable to them having encountered most of the problems, thus offering faster responses.
  • Levels The Playing Field For Your Organization: Consider having access to high-end technology that large businesses enjoy. IT support firms always have access to and knowledge of the latest technology. Outsourcing your IT needs guarantees the use of advanced tech without the hustle of initial investment. Competition between small and large businesses is now made fair. If you are a small business, you will no longer have to pass down the high investment costs. Moreover, innovation will be improved, and new products will be released promptly.
  • Give Priority to Your Core Business: Who would mind letting go of extra responsibilities? Leaving most of your IT needs, if not all, to external IT companies offers you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of IT-wise. You benefit from undivided attention to your core business. The multitasking staff that you had will now be able to flaunt their full expertise after assigning them to designated roles. Not only will the business flourish but also the motivation of your employees will be raised.
  • Speed Up Your Disaster Recovery Process: The team of experts from an IT support company has been exposed to most threats while offering their services to others. This exposure is advantageous to your internal team; hence they can identify risks faster and quickly respond to them. Don’t wait and face the nightmares of facing a cyber-attack in this age where business data is highly sensitive. The systems put in place by IT experts will help the reputation of your company from going down the drain. They also help you keep up with all your compliance requirements. Most contracts nowadays require that your business meet specific standards, such as PCI Compliance Standards.
  • You’ll Have access to 24/7 Help Desk Support: Say goodbye to a reduced workforce brought about by sick leaves, non-business hours, and holidays. Outsourced IT support offers your organization a 24/7 support system that monitors your network and responds to any changes. The support also covers the growing trend that is remote work. They ensure secure transmission of data and can quickly detect any breach in the system.

Seeking external support does not necessarily mean that you will drop your internal IT support, but it will perform the simple task of keeping you ahead of the curve. Get backup from PNJ Technology Partners to help you develop and maintain an efficient IT environment.

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