The Top Question New York Businesses Should Ask IT Services Providers

Ask colleagues when searching for an IT services provider for your New York business and you’ll hear different answers from every professional you approach. Everyone has a different suggestion for the most important questions to ask, but know that those suggestions aren’t always accurate.

When you’re looking for an IT services company for your business, you have several questions in mind to learn if an IT firm is the right provider for your business. While you need support for your technology, your focus should be on cybersecurity and your data.

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Why Is Cyber Security Important to Ask About?

Cybersecurity is an openly discussed topic and there is so much information about technology and data security that it’s challenging to find an IT services provider that delivers the total technology expertise your business needs.

You need to be confident your data and your technology are in good hands with an IT support provider that is capable of safeguarding your data and your future. For businesses like law firms, accounting firms, or doctor’s offices, cybersecurity is an essential operational concern and should therefore be an essential question you discuss in detail with an IT services provider.

The Essential Question: “How Can You Protect My Data?”

Your operations are powered by information, from data about your customers and sales to data about your revenue and payroll. Everything from tax records to human resources is stored, accessed, and transmitted using technology and it’s imperative that your IT services provider protect this information to prevent unauthorized access. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach with each passing minute, but technology and cybersecurity become more advanced even more quickly.

IT services providers need to leverage state-of-the-art technology and cybersecurity measures to protect businesses and data, and these cybersecurity measures are precisely how you should gauge if the IT services company is a good fit for your needs. The personal information you need to be protected should involve a sophisticated cybersecurity strategy.

Why Your Data Needs to Be Protected

Preventing cybercriminals – hackers – from gaining unauthorized access to your data is crucial because hackers now realize there is value beyond simply gaining access to your network and controlling your data for ransom. Today’s cybercriminals see the value in the personal information you store, the pathway to individual consumer information. This information is the key to financial accounts, leading to identity theft, credit card fraud, and much more.

What Should an IT Services Company Do to Protect Your Data?

Your cybersecurity needs are as unique as you’re your business, and how an IT services provider protects your data should be equally unique. Understanding your business and your technology is the key to providing cybersecurity for your total technology environment.

Auditing your network and IT systems will give a clear picture of your infrastructure and ecosystem to determine what cybersecurity measures are necessary, including ongoing training to prevent cybercriminals from gaining unauthorized access from operator error – a mistake made by someone on your team, including using easy-to-guess passwords.