PNJ Team Receives Accolades From Long-Term Client

Showing up to your work every day is significantly more gratifying when you know clients truly appreciate the work that goes into their success. The PNJ team is always looking for ways to streamline operations for our valued clients. We are delighted to share how this has been received at Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel (SKLH)!

Part of the PNJ family for more than two years now, SKLH is made up of highly experienced attorneys and legal professionals with an extensive skill set. Legal challenges across multiple offices with remote staff members require quick and secure technology solutions. The PNJ team provides a wealth of experience along with the following services:

  • End Point Device monitoring
  • End Point Device patching
  • End Point Device antivirus
  • End user helpdesk support
  • End user Office 365 and Exchange Email Management
  • Enterprise Network Support Management & Consulting

Each year, SKLH queries their 100-member staff on the quality of service that they receive from key vendors. When the results of their technology survey came through this year, we were stunned.

Not only was PNJ able to meet SKLH’s high expectations in terms of quality and timeliness of service, we also received some pretty stellar comments.

Here’s one of our personal favorites:

“PNJ is great. They answer my questions, fix problems and don’t make you feel stupid for not knowing how to solve simple problems.”

One hundred percent of the time, the SKLH staff anonymously shared that PNJ was knowledgeable, handled problems quickly and correctly and that our techs were helpful and courteous.

I’m sure you’ll agree — that’s definitely something to celebrate!