Questions to Ask New York-Based IT Services Providers

Your IT services company should provide your business personalized attention and not pigeonhole your IT services into a business model based on convenience for the provider. As a customer, your team should not feel like a nameless, faceless number while you wait in line to be called for generic attention.

The challenge before you, of finding an IT services provider both able to accommodate a catered approach and with the expertise to meet your unique needs, is one shared by so many New York businesses. IT services providers serving New York businesses are readily available, but so many companies and so many different IT services options to choose from make finding the right provider for your needs even more challenging.

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Finding the Right IT Services Company for Your New York Business

A recent trend is for larger IT services providers at the national or regional level have gravitated toward expansion into smaller markets, competing with local providers. With this expansion presenting lucrative opportunities into new markets, quality of service is often sacrificed in order to cut costs and have a competitive edge against local providers.

You’ll know you’ve found the right IT services provider when you feel confident you won’t be ignored or delayed when you need support, and that your business won’t suffer downtime. The search for this partner in New York doesn’t have to be overly taxing if you know what questions to ask, and the first step is considering what you need from an IT services partner.

What Questions Should You Ask IT Services Providers?

To find the right IT services provider, you need to consider important questions to determine the fit of the relationship and if the company is the right partner for your New York business. Be prepared to state your needs clearly and accurately represent the commitment you need for a successful partnership.

Do you need a local team?

On top of the savings your business can realize from discounted IT services, you may be on the receiving end of IT support from a team located in a different time zone. Attractive pricing models may be hiding a lack of personalized service.

Is the provider aligned with your IT strategy?

Does the IT services company listen to your needs and understand your goals? Can the IT services company support your long-term goals and IT strategy?

Do you need an IT services provider that knows your business?

If working with an IT services provider that knows your business, your technology infrastructure, and possibly your team members’ names, then your search is more focused on discovering a long-term partnership.

What Are the Next Steps In Your Search?

Once you open the conversation with an IT services provider, research the company to make sure this is the fit you’re looking for. Investigate the company by:

  • Look at Better Business Bureau ratings and history
  • Read Google Reviews
  • Research Consumer Reports
  • Request References, Case Studies, and Success Stories

If you’re looking for a solid, stable, long-term partnership with an IT services provider and want a partner you can rely on upon a history of success with customers, this step is an important step in the process before committing.