Managed IT is a great solution for many small businesses and these are the reasons why.

While having IT support is something that most companies agree is necessary, small businesses can rarely afford it. The prices are simply way too much for even the smallest tasks. You could always being someone in at a lower cost but they will not have the expertise you need to run the IT of your business and one person may not be enough depending on the size of your business. It is quite common for small businesses to worry about how they will pay for IT but now there are many more options available. One of the best options for small businesses are managed IT services.

IT Support

What is Managed IT?

With managed IT, you will find that the people who come to help you with your IT issues will treat it as if the devices and business were their own. They tend to be high level workers in the field and because you are outsourcing your IT services, they act as an extension of your business but only help when needed. They can provide preventative maintenance, help with your processes, and even repair devices. They may even be able to assist with many things remotely.

What Are the Reasons to Consider These Services?

There are three main reasons why small businesses use managed IT. These are the ones that are most commonly stated:

  • Less Expensive. Other forms of IT help can be very costly. You may even end up paying an IT professional to sit on the job while they wait on things to happen. With managed IT, you can make payments and it is easy to fit it into your budget. Along with it comes all of the help to prevent big problems from happening. Not only do you save money on the service but you also end up spending less on hardware and software replacements because of prevented issues.
  • More Security and Efficiency. Managed IT services will make sure that all updates are made in a timely manner so security is maintained. Small businesses may avoid this on their own because they may not have the time. They will even have people dedicated to monitoring your systems for any vulnerabilities so you can keep everything safer with a watchful eye. They can even solve some issues remotely and quickly so you do not have to schedule an on-site visit. However, sometimes this cannot be avoided.
  • End-to-end Support. managed IT not only ensures that you have the support to keep all of your business activities running properly and securely, but they also will be working on ways they can implement new solutions for you. Any time you have an issue, you can call them immediately. They want to make sure your team is able to keep working so they will be there whenever necessary.

If you cannot find it in your budget to bring in your own IT team or you have found it to be too expensive to bring in IT support whenever you have an issue, it is time to consider outsourcing your IT for managed support. For more information about managed IT in Albany, be sure to call PNJ Technology Partners at (518) 459-6712 or reach them via