If you are planning a trip to Albany, NY, be sure to add the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence to your itinerary. This historic site is a hidden gem that tells the story of two remarkable figures in the abolitionist movement during the 19th century. The Myers Residence served as a vital stop on the Underground Railroad and has since been restored to preserve its legacy. In this blog post, we will delve into the history of this site, the people who called it home, and why it is an essential destination for anyone interested in American history.

The Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence was built in 1847 and served as a home to the Myers family and a boarding house for fellow abolitionists. Stephen Myers, a free African American, was one of the most prominent activists in the Underground Railroad and helped more than 1,000 people escape slavery. His wife, Harriet, was also actively involved in the movement and worked alongside him to provide shelter, food, and clothing to freedom seekers. The couple was dedicated to the cause of abolitionism, and their home became a vital stop on the Underground Railroad.

One of the most significant events that took place at the Myers Residence was the 1852 Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women. This landmark event was organized by abolitionist activists, including Harriet Myers, and was one of the first times women had played a significant role in shaping the movement. The convention was held in the home’s parlor, which served as a hub for discussions on abolitionism, women’s rights, and racism.

The Myers Residence’s restoration was a collaborative effort between several organizations, including the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, the Friends of the Myers Residence, and the City of Albany. The building has now been designated a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as a museum and educational center. The restored home is a testament to the Myers’ legacy and the importance of the abolitionist movement in the United States.

Visitors to the Myers Residence can take a guided tour of the building, which includes a recreation of the Underground Railroad’s hidden crawl space, where freedom seekers once hid during their journey north. The tour also includes exhibits on the history of the Underground Railroad, the Myers family, and the abolitionist movement. The site’s educational center offers workshops, lectures, and programs that delve deeper into the United States’ history and the quest for freedom.

The Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence is an essential destination for anyone interested in American history, particularly the struggle for freedom and equality. The site’s restoration and preservation are a testament to the Myers’ legacy and the countless freedom seekers who took refuge within its walls. When you visit the Myers Residence, you will walk in the footsteps of those who fought for justice and learn about the challenges and obstacles they faced. This site is a reminder that history is not just a record of events but a living story that continues to shape our world today.

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