Green Island Company Calls PNJ Technology Partners To Install a VPN

The client was opening a second location and discovered they needed a virtual private network installed. When PNJ got the call, plans for installation were put in motion.

New Client Gets VPN Installation Help From PNJ Technology Partners

As more organizations want stronger online privacy while using their public internet connection, there’s no better solution than using a VPN appliance. When you need online privacy and anonymity, PNJ Technology Partners will recommend these devices.

With these network security devices, your internet protocol (IP) address remains concealed. Now your online activity becomes untraceable. More importantly, virtual private network services set up encrypted and secure connections.

It just so happens; a new client had reached out to the PNJ team wanting to set up a time to install a new VPN service:

“I’m looking for a firm to help me install a VPN for remote access to our PLC equipment. We have Ubiquiti equipment. I’m looking to establish a relationship with a firm for our HQ project that will hopefully expand into our buildout.”

Our team immediately provided further details, and the date was set for installation.

What is a VPN?

When you need online privacy and anonymity, PNJ Technology Partners will recommend and install a virtual private network (VPN). These network appliances disguise your internet protocol (IP) address.

Now your online activity is untraceable. But, more importantly, the VPN services establish a secure and encrypted connection to give you greater privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

How Does A VPN Work?

Picture this; a VPN creates a secure tunnel for your data to transfer across the Internet, with help from a network of private servers. When you use a virtual private network, your data remains fully encrypted or concealed as it travels from your computing device to the VPN.

That makes it exceedingly difficult for a hacker to identify that you, not the VPN, as the real source of the data. Even if attackers can intercept your data, the encryption means the attackers can’t understand your data or use it to their advantage.

Why Do You Want A VPN Service?

When you’re using the Internet to surf or make purchases from an unsecured Wi-Fi network, there are genuine risks to your personal information and browsing habits getting exposed. That’s why installing and using a virtual private network removes those concerns about online security and privacy.

4 Important Things a VPN Conceals

A virtual private network will conceal much of your information. Without it, you risk your privacy. To give you some idea of what a VPN hides, here are four common areas.

Your Internet Browsing History

Your website browser and internet service provider can track your movements when online. Many websites you visit or frequent keep a history when you land on their site. Many users do not know that all browsers can track and tie your IP address from your search history.

Your Location

If you have a streaming service subscription and travel outside the country, there are some countries your service will not work or is not offered due to contract agreements. However, having a VPN permits you to choose an IP address from your home country, to access your streaming service.

Your Devices

A virtual private network will help protect your computing devices, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, from unauthorized access. Remember, your devices are always prime targets for cyberthieves. Your PNJ installed VPN will protect the data you transmit and receive on your devices. That guarantees hackers won’t be able to see your every move.

Your Web Activity

A VPN guards against your internet service provider from seeing your browsing history; however, you will need to ask your VPN provider if they log your browsing history. Some virtual private network providers do.

Need Expert VPN Guidance For Your Online Privacy?

When you’re ready to expand your organization and need a virtual private network installed, we can help. Do you have more VPN questions? Click here to get started or call us at (518) 459-6712.