Designed to “empower a new wave of creativity,” Microsoft has unveiled its Windows 10 Creators Update along with the introduction of Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and a new Surface Book. Microsoft hopes these new products will have an effect similar to the revolutionary advent of the Gutenberg Press in the 15th Century in being able to mass-produce printed books for the very first time. These new high-definition platforms will assist designers, architects, rocket engineers, graphic artists and anyone who wants to take their creativity to whole new level, “enabling 3D creativity, mixed reality, and eSports & game broadcasting for everyone,” as stated on the blog.

Windows 10 Creative

Beneath the Surface Studio

It looks great – both on and below the Surface – but what makes Surface Studio and its various features tick? The aim seems to be a complete re-envisioning of the laptop computer and what it can do. Creating the first tablet that could fully replace laptops with Surface Pro was the first step in this new odyssey dreamed-up by Microsoft visionaries. They then sought to create the “ultimate laptop” with Surface Book. Surface Studio is the latest phase of the Surface journey, which, Microsoft hopes, will embody a “special alchemy…to create something new”.

Surface Studio is designed to transform your desk into the ultimate creative studio. It represents a new class of device that morphs from a desktop PC into a “powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest display ever built.” Throw a 4.5k ultra HD screen into the mix, and Surface Studio delivers 63% more pixels than a state-of-the-art 4K TV.  Surface Studio works amazingly, with gorgeous, natural color manipulated like a painter’s palette with pen, touch, and the new Surface Dial.

Turning Up the Surface Dial

Surface Dial enables designers and creative types in general to work with both hands in a very tactile way, as a nouveau alternative to a standard mouse. Surface Dial is a new input device designed for maximizing the creative process, integrating perfectly with Windows 10 to link-up with any Surface device for a speedier, more intuitive way to scroll, zoom, and navigate through creative projects and processes. Surface Dial brings forth a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio, including app-specific digital tools that allow users to quickly access shortcuts and move seamlessly through their project queue.

Surface Book: Powering-Up Versatile Utility

Surface Book with Performance Base will definitely be giving the MacBook a run for its money, with a full 16 hours of battery life, and twice the CPU processing capability than the first iteration of Surface Book. As claimed on the Windows 10 blogsite: “No other laptop combines this combination of battery life, performance and pixels, in as lightweight a package.”

3D Creating, Printing, and Sharing

The Creators Update will also allow millions of Windows 10 users the ability to power-up a laptop and begin capturing, creating, printing, and sharing in 3D visual glory, mixing reality with imagination in ways the computing founding fathers likely never imagined. With the new Paint 3D program, 100 million Paint users can now create and build 3D objects and, ostensibly, print them into reality. Microsoft has also unveiled Remix 3D, an online community that connects creators and creations around the world, bringing 3D content to the masses with the slogan, “3D for Everyone”. Trimble’s 3D modelling program SketchUp – and their millions of creators and creations from 3D Warehouse — will be part of Microsoft Office will be adding native support for 3D content next year.

4K Gaming and Game Broadcasting

Gaming on Windows 10 has grown in popularity by 500% in the last year alone! In answer to that surge in gaming enthusiasm, the Creators Update will enhance the lives of gaming enthusiasts with the ability to create and enjoy live game streams and customized eSports tournaments on Xbox Live. Beam system integration will also enable interactive broadcasting and viewing of gameplay on Xbox Live, so Windows 10 gamers can watch their favorite streamer play and also interact with them in real time.

Have Questions About the Windows 10 Creators Update?

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