We’d like to warn you that there is a new malware recently developed, known as Tyupkin, that’s stealing straight from the source. Surely you’ve heard of cybercriminals using “skimmers” to read victims’ cards and save their numbers and pin codes to turn into counterfeit copies. Well, this new technology allows for cybercriminals to cut out […]

Various businesses and healthcare facilities have been making the news, spotlighting a new fast growing threat to your data: ransomware. Unlike some forms of malware that just require a good cleaner to scrub them off your system, ransomware locks down your data and encrypts it. Then a message will pop up on your screen explaining […]

For years, businesses have used servers, server rooms, and various hardware to house all of their data. As changes were made to the company structure, the servers and hardware needed to be changed. One problem with this was that various hardware and servers could become obsolete after a few uses and then would collect dust […]

A hacker, who goes by the moniker “Peace,” revealed that he placed a malicious backdoor onto hundreds of Linux Mint downloads on February 20. He also admitted to making an entire copy of the site’s forum on two separate occasions. One was on January 2, and the other was on February 18. Any information that […]

We are all familiar with the struggles of a low phone battery. For business owners, this can be very frustrating. Especially when your phone acts as your lifeline; and that lifeline is being cut short. Here are some tried-and-true methods on how to save your iPhone’s battery life so you can keep your focus back […]

There have been several stories this week about data breaches that have made the news. Affected companies and issues include a new malware virus, Washington State Health Care Authority, the IRS, and VTech. MazarBOT Malware that can wipe data from Android devices has emerged. MazarBOT has been found to focus on online banking customers. The […]

You might not know this, but Shadow IT can be lurking within your business, and there’s something you can do to stop it. But first, what exactly is Shadow IT? Shadow IT is when your employees bypass internal IT resources by using their own systems, software, applications, etc. without your oversight. This can become a […]

There has been a lot of confusion regarding what Windows 10 is and is not doing to your computer after you download it. If you believe all of the hype, then Windows 10 is making a copy of all of your information and squirreling it away at Microsoft. Well, that’s just not true. There has […]

The world of technology is both exciting and scary. Your business thrives off the use of it, but your maker can also become your destroyer. Online fraud is one of the most widespread forms of cybercrime out there, and one of the easiest to commit. These attackers use technology to steal your identity and financial […]

Although Microsoft has yet to announce when exactly their new server will be launched, they have released 4 technical previews thus far to give you an idea of what’s coming. They have announced a plan to launch a 5th technical preview before their upcoming big release. Their Windows Server 2016 includes several new options that […]

Identity Theft is among one of the more dangerous threats to your company. These cybercriminals have no shame, draining your accounts right behind your back. What good is running a business if it’s in danger of being liquidated? Your business needs to evolve and always be on high alert for the next big threat. Cybercriminals […]

As a business owner, you always have to prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes, the unexpected can come in the form of an intimidating IT auditor asking you tons of questions. You shouldn’t be nervous though, as long as you are confident and can prove your systems are in a steady state to meet compliance requirements, […]

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