Maintaining effective communication with co-workers and clients is crucial, but are you sure your employees are practicing safe email conduct? Cybercriminals are smart, and they adapt quickly to come up with ways to take advantage of businesses like yours. Recently, hackers have begun to use false email accounts to trick unsuspecting companies out of money and […]

Security updates are closing drive-by download holes to OS X and iOS If you are like most, you probably wait for the first update to an update before you even bother to install it. Now, if you are an OS X or an iOS user, you may want to rethink this lackadaisical approach to updating… […]

Don’t Let the Latest Version of CryptoWall Destroy Everything You’ve Worked So Hard to Build… Remember CryptoWall, the world’s most destructive ransomware? It’s back with a vengeance! CryptoWall 4.0 has surfaced with a multitude of encryption methods and evasion tactics that are tricking even the latest anti-virus programs. Ransomware is the worst possible threat for […]

Now that some time has passed since the release of Windows 10, the reviews and feedback are rolling in, and so far, most of it has been positive. Reports thus far have ranged from smooth and satisfactory to small and minor annoyances, as is to be expected with any major release. Few reports have even […]

There are two types of companies: those who have already been hacked and those who are going to be hacked. What type of company are you? Studies have shown data breaches are not only more common than ever, they’re also more expensive – totaling an average $194 per record that’s compromised. Can you afford this? […]

5 Tips to Trim Your Schedule and Leave, At Worst, Right On Time! In Gothenburg, Sweden, officials recently proposed an experiment where a group of government workers would cut their schedules to six hours, and asked, would they be just as productive as their colleagues working seven hour shifts? The experiment raises interesting questions and […]

To say that today’s technology has become an incredible boon to the business community underscores the many incredible benefits available that can make any company prosper. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that not all businesses wisely choose the best technology and may not even fully appreciate how to use the tech they […]

When it comes to your technology today, you need much more than someone who simply comes in and resolves issues as they arise; you need a partner that helps you anticipate trends, predict risks, and budget accurately to keep your technology at it’s absolute best. That is why we work hard to create long-term relationships […]

Can You Afford To Settle For Inadequate Security? This September, Cybersecurity Ventures released their Cybersecurity Market Report that detailed the vast monetary damage caused by hacking every year.  Taking into account data from noteworthy reports, research by security and IT analysts, and emerging trends in employment, IPOs, and M&A deals, the report made it clear that digital […]

Honor Our Troops and Give a Big Salute to the True Heroes! On Veterans Day, we’d like to invite all of our clients to join us in thanking all the veterans who bravely serve their country and put their lives on the line. This year, please take a moment when 11:00am rolls around to take […]

How Can You Save Money In Your Company? Migrate To An Office 365 Environment That’s How. Offering many benefits, Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic resource for businesses both big and small. However, the determining factor that has everyone making the move, is the cost effectiveness that Office 365 brings. Business owners are always looking […]

A controversial cyber bill, CISA, which at one time was considered a zombie bill, has passed the US Senate on Oct 27, 2015. What does this mean for your business in Albany?   The bill is stated to improve United States’ cybersecurity through the enhanced collaboration and sharing of information about cyber security to prevent […]

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