When your business has a secure network foundation in place, you’re able to provide unique capabilities and business tools to your employees; however, the network must be properly implemented and configured to offer the benefits commonly associated with a solid, secure network.

PNJ Technology Partners offers years of hands-on experience implementing, maintaining, and upgrading server, desktop, and application virtualization technologies.  As a start, our virtualization assessment service provides accurate, up-to-date performance information on your existing environment along with recommended architectural solutions for virtualization.

PNJ Technology Partners offers regular IT healthchecks to keep you in-the-loop regarding what’s happening with your information technology. Contact us at (518) 459-6712 or send us an email at info@pnjtechpartners.com for more information on how to get your IT healthcheck.

The Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools, including Outlook, Word, and Excel, allow you to complete tasks and stay in contact with those important to you. Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the entire suite of productivity tools – from any device, all year round via any location. Microsoft Office 365 support company PNJ Technology Partners helps businesses in Albany make the move to the Cloud. Call (518) 459-6712 to learn more.

PNJ Technology Partners offers managed IT services wherein we align your technology with your goals and objectives to help you achieve organizational growth. Call (518) 459-6712 or send us an email at info@pnjtechpartners.com for more information. 

When technology issues arise, you simply want someone to fix the problem, as fast as possible, so you and your entire staff can get back to work – staying productive throughout the day. Our helpdesk support are exactly what you need – a trusted team of technology experts who are there for you whenever you need us to be. With our help desk logs, we can make an organized timeline of all the problems you’ve run into, then we take this information and use it to identify and fix underlying issues so that you won’t have to deal with near as much productivity and revenue-killing downtime in the future.

The purpose of IT in companies like yours is evolving rapidly. Information technology is becoming more essential than ever before to achieve your company’s objectives and goals, and ultimately, IT should be aligned properly to enable revenue growth through the ability to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and respond quickly to market changes. Here are 3 […]

Information technology advances incredibly fast – requiring you to have a trusted team of IT consultants who can help you sort through the latest advancements and choose what’s best for your unique needs, as opposed to what’s new and trending. When you have trusted strategic IT consulting to plan for the future, you’re able to meet the goals and objectives you’ve set – and of course, achieve the growth you’ve been working towards.

PNJ Technology Partners ensures your business is secured technically. Our business continuity solutions keep your business data backed up and your business running. Data can easily be lost or stolen – you need to prepare for inevitable disasters with Business Continuity Solutions.

PNJ Technology Partners provides businesses in Albany with a complete email and spam protection service. Most of us are familiar with the concept of spam – those annoying, potentially dangerous emails that always find their way into your inbox. Are you tired of all those spam emails wasting your time? Do you worry about employees opening spam and getting a virus infection? You must take the proper precautions to prevent spam from entering your network, in order to minimize the risk of virus and/or malware infections. We keep SPAM out of your business network. Call us today.