Security breaches are more common than ever, and the number of organizations falling victim to attacks is growing steadily. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and can now create advanced malware capable of evading even the best point-in-time detection tools, including  antivirus and intrusion prevention systems. These tools are designed to inspect traffic at every point […]

The Veeam Backup and Replication solution is all about providing flexible, fast, and reliable recovery of data and virtualized applications. It combines backup and replication together in a single solution, backed by award-winning support for virtual environments such as VMWare, vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V. This backup solution is powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective combined with the […]

Though Apple is famous for its easy to use computers and extensive security, the company suffered a setback this past week with its first ever “ransomware” attack. Hackers who have yet to be identified infected multiple versions of Apple’s “Transmission” program. Transmission is a tool that allows Mac users to transfer data to one another […]

Major news sites have been exploited by hackers using a malware exploit package known as the “Angle exploit kit.” Some of the targeted sites include The New York Times, BBC, Newsweek, AOL, MSN, The Hill, and the Guardian. A bit of dark humor is in that one of the infected news pages was a Guardian […]

In February 2016, hackers intruded in the computer network of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. After encrypting sensitive medical information, the hackers and the hospital negotiated a ransom of $17,000 to return the files. The hackers were able to get into the hospital’s system through a malicious file called ransomware. Ransomware is […]

When it comes to data backup, there is one thing that should never come into question: Should you? The answer is that yes, no matter what you do, by all means backup data. There are too many things that can happen to data that isn’t backed up, and there are too many horror stories about […]

The world celebrates St. Patrick’s day by doing a variety of quirky things. In Chicago they die the river green—a tradition that started back in 1961, just five years after the city’s first St. Patty’s day parade. Across the world, inhabitants of New London dress up as leprechauns and change highway signs to read “New […]

From the beginning of time, every good business owner has searched for a way to make their business more effective and more competitive. In the years since the advent of the computer, business like yours have rushed to the advantages that this new era would bring. This has benefited them immensely. Today, information is the […]

We’d like to warn you that there is a new malware recently developed, known as Tyupkin, that’s stealing straight from the source. Surely you’ve heard of cybercriminals using “skimmers” to read victims’ cards and save their numbers and pin codes to turn into counterfeit copies. Well, this new technology allows for cybercriminals to cut out […]

Various businesses and healthcare facilities have been making the news, spotlighting a new fast growing threat to your data: ransomware. Unlike some forms of malware that just require a good cleaner to scrub them off your system, ransomware locks down your data and encrypts it. Then a message will pop up on your screen explaining […]

For years, businesses have used servers, server rooms, and various hardware to house all of their data. As changes were made to the company structure, the servers and hardware needed to be changed. One problem with this was that various hardware and servers could become obsolete after a few uses and then would collect dust […]

A hacker, who goes by the moniker “Peace,” revealed that he placed a malicious backdoor onto hundreds of Linux Mint downloads on February 20. He also admitted to making an entire copy of the site’s forum on two separate occasions. One was on January 2, and the other was on February 18. Any information that […]