As your trusted IT service provider, we are available to provide any Business Continuity support needed by companies affected by the heavy rains and power outages across the northeast. The latest tropical storm to hit the US — known as tropical storm Phillippe — caused heavy rainfall and brought down power lines across the Northeast […]

These Microsoft Word shortcuts will save your fingers and your time with quick keyboard tricks and little-known Microsoft Office secrets.   Whether you own an Apple or IBM product, chances are you will use Microsoft Word at home, at work, or at your friend’s house.  While the program is fairly intuitive for new users to […]

Alan owns a small business and he works hard every day to ensure his business is successful. Alan has realized that to be successful, he must be 100% focused on the things that matter…. Things like… …  winning new business …. keeping his customers happy …  managing his expenses …..And of course ensuring his staff […]

PNJ Technology Partners hosted an HPE Virtual Technology Summit viewing event, and has a ton of great information to share with those who could not attend. When it comes to checking out new technology, connecting with industry professionals, and learning about noteworthy trends in the technology landscape, there is no better way to do so than […]

The PNJ Technology Partners team proudly supported three great causes this past month, helping to make a difference in our local community. Technology and technology support is what PNJ Technology Partners does best, but it’s not the only thing our team is passionate about. We’re always thrilled to have a chance to give back to our community […]

Petya’s Latest Variant — Bad Rabbit — Leaves Companies in Shambles as It Spreads Worldwide; US Department of Homeland Security on Alert. Early Wednesday morning, leading anti-virus security company, Avast, reported that the Bad Rabbit virus – a variant of Petya ransomware — had made its way to the US. Though specific breach details are […]

Half of all small businesses suffered a cyber attack in the last year.  Is your business ready to recover?  How well is your business prepared to recover quickly from a cyber attack?  A recent Ponemon study reported that half of all small businesses had been targeted by malicious hackers within the past year.  Sadly, many small- and […]

Accounting firms that move into the cloud become more efficient, more productive, more mobile, and, perhaps more importantly, more profitable. Here are the clear benefits of what to expect when you move your firm into the cloud.   What’s the perfect setup for a football Sunday?  Everything within reach from the remote to the recliner […]

New PowerPoint 2016 features add dynamic effects, more design options, and professional results to presentations.   Recently, Microsoft has upped its game when it comes to PowerPoint.  With the introduction of several powerful new tools, PowerPoint now puts more control and flexibility into the hands of users. It began with the launch of Designer, Morph, […]

Amazingly, in spite of the ever-increasing need for such, there are very few law firms right now that specialize in cybersecurity.  This doesn’t deny that many law firms are more than willing to take on cybersecurity cases when the need arises; nor does it deny that some firms still consider the cybersecurity “ topic” a […]

Video collaboration, online training, and productivity are some big gains to be had with two monitors, while disadvantages include the cost, additional resources required and the potential for distractions.  Here’s how to determine if dual monitors will be effective for your business needs.   Business leaders are always looking for ways for their staff to […]

New guidelines governing the transmission, storage and use of protected data create compliance challenges for companies and contractors looking to do business with federal and state agencies. Companies wanting to continue to do business with certain federal departments and agencies have just a few months to ensure that their cybersecurity protocols are up to par. […]