Shadow IT is a description of software and hardware being used by an organization without the knowledge or approval of the IT department. While the term is a neutral one, to many it suggests a negative feeling since the IT department is unaware that other members of the company are using it. Unknown and unapproved […]

Investing in IT Can Make or Break a Start-Up or Small Business. When a small business first starts out, the idea of integrating information technology into their business plan is something that the business owner often puts on the back-burner, as a luxury he or she plans to deal with after the business has become […]

Many business owners considering an investment in new technology approach the decision-making process with a level of reluctance bordering on total unwillingness. While it’s never fun to part ways with hard-earned company money, it’s important to look at new technology through the lens of expected ROI. As in any other area of the business, there’s […]

Online sales leads can produce significant earnings and help you develop lasting relationships with new customers. On the other hand, many website form submissions come from spammers or people who have little interest in making purchases. You can raise conversion rates by enhancing your forms and prioritizing the most promising leads. Form Design Tips 1. […]

You’ve purchased your domain name, registered your business, and obtained the necessary permits; now the fun begins. Beyond acquiring the necessary capital, getting off the ground and ensuring success in the short term for most modern businesses requires technological infrastructure which will enable you to begin operating and scale with your growth. For some tips […]

In 2015, law enforcement officials reported a spike in the number of ransomware attacks. While ransomware intrusions have been around for a number of years, the financial rewards for those who hold a website or network system hostage are significant. In an FBI report, last year’s growth has continued in the first few months of […]

Microsoft is currently offering its very first free operating system upgrade for both PCs and Windows Phones. The deadline to upgrade your PC for free is just a few weeks away, July 29th. But good news for mobile users; you’ve been granted an extension. If you’re a little unsure what that means for you, you’re […]

As part of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 Conference, Dell recently introduced three new interactive displays that are specialized for interactive learning in the classroom. At the same time, the company announced the new Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software platform designed to close the collaboration gap between teachers and students by […]

Ransomware is a type of malware that will encrypt your files, actually hold your data hostage, until you pay a ransom. When the malware’s demands are met, your files are yours again. Sounds crazy, but this type of malware is becoming a favorite of cybercriminals, and it is becoming a major threat to both personal […]

It’s often pretty hard to know whether you are being BSed by a service company that presumably makes its living off of when things fall apart in your office—especially when those “things” are important and somewhat elusive technologies, like IT security and infrastructure. How does a business owner know when the sales guy isn’t just […]