A controversial cyber bill, CISA, which at one time was considered a zombie bill, has passed the US Senate on Oct 27, 2015. What does this mean for your business in Albany?   The bill is stated to improve United States’ cybersecurity through the enhanced collaboration and sharing of information about cyber security to prevent […]

A form of cyber-attack that holds information as well as devices hostage in exchange for a ransom is becoming increasingly popular amongst the attackers. Read on to learn more about the method of attack, how ransomware is changing, and if it is a threat that you and your users should be taking seriously. Using hacking […]

Today is the day Marty McFly arrives from the past, so we’re wondering, how accurate was the film at predicting what life and technology would look like in 30 years? Film fans know the date well, October 21, 2015. The movie depicted a world full of fascinating technology, including hover boards, self lacing shoes, flying […]

After nearly a year of buzz and hype, this summer Microsoft unveiled their Windows 10 operating system (OS) with a bevy of new features to help home users and businesses alike do more with their technology. Now a few months later, Microsoft revealed their new line of hardware that will features the OS, with their […]

Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money to take care of their computers, but the fact is that by leaving yourself to struggle with technology issues constantly, you are making it easy for hackers to access your information and harder for staff members to stay productive throughout the workday. Taking advantage of managed IT […]

Researchers found major security flaws in all versions of Android operating systems. These holes in security allow attackers to easily hack your phone and access all of its information. The flaw is found in the way Android processes media data, which means you could be opening a lot more than music or videos from the […]

Better Security, Greater Collaboration, and Smoother Work Output… What More Could You Want? Despite Microsoft aggressively marketing its cloud services for various applications, including email, the company remains committed to offering software for customers to run in their independent data centers. With this focus in mind, Exchange Server 2016 was released last week. Exchange Server […]

According to authorities in the United States, Volkswagen has admitted to equipping as many as 482,000 cars in the U.S with a complex software that is able secretly turn off the automobiles pollution controls when the car is being driven. When the car is undergoing an internal emissions test, however, an internal sensor reactivates the […]