Cluster upgrades with Windows Server 2016 are more advanced than ever before. You can upgrade all the way down to the host operating system. Learn more about the process and what you can expect in our latest article on the subject. The Windows Server has been using clustering as a way to update applications for […]

Using Skype through Windows 10 to send SMS messages is pretty easy. Read how to do just that with our tutorial. SMS messages are a fast way to send information to someone. SMS messages are sent every second of every day and they are one of the biggest ways people communicate small amounts of data. […]

The frequency with which new passwords need to be created for new accounts is taxing. As many of you know, when making a password, there is usually a colored bar letting you know if your password is strong or weak. You always want to have that bar in the green. It is crucially important that […]

Performing a social media audit is just as important as developing your strategy. Use our tips to help determine what is and is not working for your company.   You likely already have a social media strategy in place. However, did you know that it is just as important to perform social media audits to […]

How do you know the network security firm taking care of your IT services is worth the investment? Many IT companies can respond to network security contingencies, but how many of them can implement long-term strategies that elicit better network security, performance, and productivity? Below are 4 signs you’re with the right network security company. […]

Designed to “empower a new wave of creativity,” Microsoft has unveiled its Windows 10 Creators Update along with the introduction of Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and a new Surface Book. Microsoft hopes these new products will have an effect similar to the revolutionary advent of the Gutenberg Press in the 15th Century in being able […]

It’s a widespread misconception that you have to have your PC, mobile device, or network hacked in order to experience a cyber breach. The fact is, hack-jobs account for only 52.6% of cyber breaches, according to Risk Based Security’s “First Nine Months of 2016 Data Breach QuickView Report”. Still technically a majority – and they […]