As business apps and the use of mobile devices become more of a standard in the workplace today, companies need to be aware of the inherent risks involved. Hacker-made fake apps and compromised personal mobile devices can be detrimental to the security of corporate and private information, so to keep safe, the risks need to […]

PNJ Technology Partners is here to help you leverage the right cloud services for your unique needs – letting you access important files and applications from any device or location. The cloud allows your workers to share files and collaborate on projects from anywhere they can find an internet connection instead of being restricted to the office. PNJ Technology Partners is here to help you leverage the right cloud services for your unique needs.

PNJ Technology Partners Provides Professional Technology Services to Reduce Your IT Expenses, Improve Bottom Line. PNJ Technology Partners will reduce your IT expenses, sure, but more than that we want to show you how technology services can be used to help you produce more revenue, improve your bottom line, and accommodate future growth.

Driving a Chrysler Vehicle? Install This Patch Immediately! Chrysler is striving to turn the traditional automobile into a smart, connected device – and although it’s an innovative, exciting concept, there’s a significant downfall. Chrysler’s UConnect system, which has been installed into cars since the end of 2013, is an Internet-connected feature that controls entertainment and […]

Our decades of experience also allows us to look beyond day-to-day IT responsibilities and help you plan for the future. We were here before the cloud, and, in fact, before the internet was popular. PNJ Technology Partners keeps track of the latest developments in business technology, and through experience we know the difference between a passing fad that offers little value and a game-changer that you could use to really cut costs and boost productivity.

IT Security: Limiting Downtime and Keeping Your Sensitive Data Secure Hundreds of millions of new pieces of malware are created every year. Also, 80% of attacks are entirely unique, making signature-based antivirus software all but useless. You need the help of a living, breathing IT security professional who can navigate the crowded threat landscape and […]

Your information technology is truly the foundation of your organizational growth and success. If your information technology doesn’t function properly at all times, you’re unable to stay productive throughout the workday. That’s why we offer ProCare Managed Services to provide a cost-effective method of managing and protecting networks, systems, and applications.

This week, security vendor Palo Alto Networks reported their discovery of a malicious email campaign that disguised dangerous malware behind seemingly innocent voicemail attachments from a would-be reporter. When the user clicks the attachment to play the voicemail, files are downloaded secretly onto the device, allowing hackers to access sensitive personal information. Palo Alto Networks […]

PNJ Technology Partners provides businesses in Albany with Hosted Microsoft Exchange services. Microsoft Hosted Exchange, a productivity solution that enables you to leverage enterprise-grade email, moves you to a completely virtual, cloud-based email solution to enhance communication and collaboration amongst staff members, customers, and partners. It comes with the benefit of getting rid of clunky servers that cost you tons of time and money – giving you an affordable, flat rate monthly fee that’s predictable.

PNJ Technology Partners provides businesses in Albany with managed data backup and disaster recovery services. Never lose data again with our data backup service.

People with little to no experience in IT might be able to get their business network running, but they won’t be able to achieve optimal performance without the help of an expert. For example, do you know how to properly position your wireless access points? We know how to strategize the placement of networking hardware […]

For most companies, email is the primary method of communication – allowing you to quickly send and receive messages without hassle. But what would happen if an email containing sensitive information fell into the wrong hands? Chances are, you would be left with lost customer trust, potential fines, and legal liabilities. You simply need to keep your sensitive data secure while it’s en route to the destination.